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January 02, 2022


16 Developer New Year's Resolutions For 2022

We asked a bunch of devs what their new year's resolutions were, here's what they said...

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Eli McGarvie, Editor

Yes — it's that time of the year where everyone either asks you "what are your new year's resolutions?" or simply starts posting about it on Twitter dot com. I thought I'd outsmart everyone and preemptively get ahead of the resolution tweets by asking our followers back in December...

As you can see, it was a complete failure... no one replied to my tweet 😭 which was a devastating blow to the stomach, but certainly not the only blow I took that week.

Since no one wanted to comment, I decided to personally reach out to some of the coolest devs I know, to ask them what their developer resolutions are for 2022. There is a mix of responses which is great to see. My hope is that as you read through their goals and ambitions and get a feel for the community and maybe get inspired towards bigger and better things!

1. Jason Lengstorf

Developer Experience at Netlify

This year I'm focusing on doing less, but better. I struggle with focus, and I always want to take on everything that's interesting. Unfortunately, that means I end up spread too thin and it hurts the quality of the outcome.

Whether it's my personal projects or the work taken on by the teams I lead, focusing on fewer things means each thing gets more focus and (hopefully) a higher quality result. Reducing the number of active projects will also be good for mental health and stress levels, which I think we could all benefit from right now 😅

2. Eli Fox

Senior Tech Lead Manager at Meta

2021 has been a year of significant financial technology breakouts. From Coinbase IPO to new blockchain use cases like NFT art and valuables. As for me, I will remember this year like the year when Novi launched to a limited number of people in the US, who were able to send and receive money to family and friends as easy as sending a message 💬

My ambitious goal for 2022 is to maximize impact for the product, which allows users to send money abroad instantly, securely, and without fees, as easy as sending a message on a global scale! 🌎

At the end of the day, my parents will get every single penny from the transfers, no more fees! For every family! To each home!

3. XSS Rat

Hacker & QA engineer at Udemy

Go Big Or Go Home. While blockchain technology rises, security on the blockchain will become a much bigger focus. Combined with the rise of IoT devices, I will not be bored!

4. Patrick Zawadzki

Senior Software Engineer at Northwestern Mutual

Growth through mentoring. I want to focus more on mentoring and helping new devs. The old saying about how teaching makes you better at what you know is absolutely true and the communication skills that come along with it can be incredibly helpful to be an effective teammate. 

Plus the whole part about helping someone learn and grow is a huge benefit also 😂 I’m looking to mentor others and improve my soft skills as a byproduct.

5. Joe Previte

Web dev, indie hacking, and web3

I'm planning to focus on a couple of things. First, I want to migrate my personal site from Gatsby to Astro. I'm bullish on Astro because you ship zero JS by default! And to be honest, I probably don't even have much JS on my site. I also plan on diving deep into TypeScript as I'm working on a course. I think by now, it'll be in 90% of web dev job requirements if not 100% by the end of the year. Lastly, I'll spend some time playing around with Web3 and Rust. I think both are a good thing to keep an eye on. I don't see a reason to jump headfirst into either (yet*) but they're areas I want to keep on the pulse. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter if you want to chat about TypeScript!

6. Ashutosh Mishra

React Developer

My major new year resolution is to get a full-time remote job in tech. I'm preparing for a full-stack role but am equally open to any other opportunity.

Roadmap to achieve this goal - finish Full Stack Open curriculum, build more projects, finish my Udemy course on Python, and write more tech articles and share my journey online 💪

7. Helios Aliaga

Head of Engineering at Honeypot

I’d like to take accessibility to the next level inside our team. It's not only about building products that are accessible but also changing our mindset to make it a first class citizen, starting from the design phase and ending at implementation.

I would also love to create new career development paths for our team members that are easy to understand, actionable and achievable. I’d like to do this together with the team members so we can co-create it in a way that makes sense for everybody and fits everyone goals, including non managerial paths.

8. Antoine Veuiller

Software Development Engineer at SFEIR

Look at the big picture! Software engineering is becoming broader and relying more on proprietary products each year, A lot of things happen! Taking only the latter half of this year, there were a few outages from public cloud providers, Facebook disappearing from the internet, a double vulnerability on log4j, and Github Copilot a new tool that scared more than one developer.

Following all of this can be tedious, but is important. And while understanding the specifics of all events is not required, we can learn from each of those. As a result, next year I'll be trying to keep up to date with this kind of event and take lessons from them to keep my software as reliable as possible.

9. Kaleb McKelvey

Software Engineer at Netflix

It will be another year of growth through experience for me! I recently started a new role, and I’m looking forward to learning from all of the great people on my new team! Outside of work, I will be focusing on my health by hitting the gym regularly for cardio, weight lifting, and stretching!

Lastly, I’ll continue writing for this great community – I hope to continue sharing my experiences and mistakes in an attempt to help others grow! Cheers to the new year!

10. Syk Houdeib

Frontend Engineer at LolaMarket

I've got some humble but necessary goals in development. First I'm finally making the jump and focusing on Typescript. Everyone tells me how great it is, and from what I've tried it seems very useful. So it's time to delve deep and get comfortable with it.

I also want to start working more with Node.js. As a frontend developer, I rarely have time to explore the backend side of things. But this year is the year I go all the way, from DBs to APIs I want to try my hand at everything that usually happens behind the scenes for me.

11. Michael Chan

react podcast

Teaching React at react.holiday

After two and a half years of weekly React Podcast episodes, I burned out hard. So I just stopped. I didn’t want to do the scheduling, coordinating, and editing. It’s been a year now and I haven’t produced a single episode. I needed every second of that time to remind myself why I do it, what I love about it, and how I can continue to do it more freely. And in that time I explored other things I enjoy doing — community in Discord, streaming, YouTube videos, just coding for fun! My goal this year is to start creating in a way that doesn’t burn me out but excites me to learn, do, and experience more.

12. Randy Maxwell

Programming Language Designer at forGL

Continue exploring how to use simplified Natural Language as a frontend part of an approach to problem-solving by learning and then using Computer Programming. Proof of Concept supporting European languages was demonstrated at Haxe 2019 US Conference.

Continue using Haxe programming language as the implementation language for my programming solutions. Haxe has enabled forGL Interpreter app to be easily implemented in C++, C#, Java, Javascript, and Python mostly using just Haxe source files. Please see Haxe.org

13. Artyom Suvorov

Backend Engineer

My main goal is to obtain enough knowledge to become self-employed or create an organisation with my friends. Currently, I'm a junior software engineer, working part-time, and, to be honest, do not like my job very much. But, this is my first job and I think, that now is just honey month and I shouldn't be too picky and just gain experience. Maybe this is a classic Silicon-valley-vanilla dream, but if this helps me to go further, then why not?

14. Ido Shamun

daily dev gif

Co-Founder, CTO at Daily.dev

My resolution for 2022 is to help even more developers upskill themselves via daily.dev and make it easy for them to collaborate with each other. I also wish to focus on management skills, growing the engineering team, and being a better manager for them 🙏

15. Sebastian Plagemann

Team Lead Engineering at Prescreen.io

2022 will be all about scaling up for Prescreen. We’re hitting some limits with our on-premise deployment so the decision to finally move to the cloud (I know we’re late to the party 😉) is made and we’re ready to go. This will be an interesting journey. Personally, I need to freshen up my cloud computing skills and catch up on what has happened in that sphere in the last few years. I’m looking into different online courses or certifications in that area. Dockerizing all services and running them on Kubernetes is a mid-term goal, but we will do the first steps next year.

Besides the application and infrastructure, scaling up the engineering team without compromising on our company culture is a huge ambition. We managed the remote situation for the last 1.5 years quite well and transitioned into a hybrid working mode successfully. I also want to invest more time into the personal development of each and everyone within my engineering team. Let’s see what 2022 has in store for us 💪

16. Russell Snyder

Software Engineer at Shopify

Do a course on Gymondo and/or find somebody who will share their Adidas gym membership with me. Do 15 pull-ups in a row. Learn to do an Ollie and ride goofy. Spend time with my daughter every day. Make a music performance playing bass and singing with Sonic Pi. Support technovation.org as a speaker and mentor to help close the gender gap in tech. Complete the Ruby on Rails internal course at Shopify. Make a bunch of React Native apps.

17. Ida Bechtle

cowboy cowgirl

Filmmaker at Honeypot

I wish to drink less beer and make more documentaries. I hope to make the best projects and hopefully not let all our awesome viewers down. If that fails I can always fall back on my part-time occupation of being a cowboy 🤠 and if that also doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll return to my royal duties of being the Queen of Denmark 👑

18. Eli McGarvie


Software Engineer (...in spirit) at Honeypot

I watched The Dark Knight Rises the other day and I was really moved when Bane brutally broke Batman's back in a sewer system underneath the city of Gotham. I really connected with the character of Bane, and I think that's probably the direction I'm headed in. A man getting jacked with other men, living life in the sewers committing petty crimes. Eventually, it'll be a parallel society, and like we'll have lawyers and stuff, but in the beginning, it's really going to be about planting seeds (metaphorically speaking).


Wow, it sounds like everyone's got big plans for 2022, I'm really excited to check back in next year to see how we all went. I'd also love to hear about your resolutions however big or small. I think putting it out there is a great way to motivate yourself and others. So go comment on my tweet!

If you're looking for a better job this year, well, we've got you covered there. Head over to Honeypot and get started! Happy new year 🎉