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June 16, 2022

6 Best Frontend Communities to Join in 2022

We've summed up the best online communities for frontend developers who are looking to connect.


Ashutosh Mishra, React Developer and Content Writer

If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together. – African Proverb

If you are thinking to learn to code and become a frontend developer, going alone is not the way. In 2022, there are lots of online developer communities that can scale your learning experience and speed.

In this article, I have come up with the 6 best frontend communities you should join in 2022. So without further ado, let's get started.

1. Frontend Developers

Frontend Developers is a great Discord community of Frontend Developers. With more than 18k members in June 2022, it's one of the best online communities for frontend devs.

The good thing about Frontend Developers is that the community is focused more on general frontend development and not on any specific frontend framework or tech stack. Therefore, all frontend devs can derive value at least some value from it.

The community has channels for core frontend technologies - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, and PHP. It is more generous on the tooling part having channels for major frontend frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, and Svelte.

Not only this, but it also has a separate design category with channels for UI/UX design and animation. If you are a frontend developer, I see no reason for you to not join this community.

2. WeLearnJS

WeLearnJS is a slack community of JavaScript developers with more than 12,000 members as of June 2022.

Their slack workspace has a total of 10 channels including #angular-talk, #react-talk, and #vuejs-talk to share resources, roadmaps, guides, etc., and ask questions relating to these technologies.

Apart from that, the workspace also has a #chat-room channel for random talks, #codetalk for getting any kind of help related to code issues, a very active #jobs channel to inform you about the latest job postings, and also #server-side-talk to discuss everything about the backend.

The community has more than 12k members so there will also be someone who will read your messages and you can use the community to share your projects, and content, and become friends with other JavaScripters.

3. Reactiflux

Reactiflux is an online Discord community of React developers with a massive size of more than 185,000 members as of June 2022. The community is very niche focused and it's everything about React.

Currently, it is divided into 10 different categories:

  • Welcome - This category is all about welcoming new members, telling them about the rules of the server, etc.

  • Need Help - This category has multiple help channels for asking for help react, styling, js, backend, GraphQL, etc.

  • React General - This category has channels for general talk about React, testing, tooling, internals, accessibility, internationalization, and a forum for asking questions related to React.

  • Promotions and Events - This category includes promotional channels to share your projects and writings, #events, and #jobs channels to share information about various React events and the latest React job postings. Apart from that, there's also a #q-and-a channel for monthly “q and a” sessions of the community.

  • Communities - This category is a little off-topic but still very useful. It has a channel to discuss longform blogs, books, etc, a tech forum for asking questions, and a Twitter feed channel with lots of tweets related to React posted by the Reactiflux bot. Apart from that #jobs-advice, #resume-review, and #code-review channels will be very useful for you if you are seeking a job. Finally, there's a #content-creators channel to share your process and work-in-progress if you are a content creator, and 3 other channels, namely, #general-tech, #functional-programming, #ui-ux-design for general discussions around the same topics.

  • Social - This category is all about making friends and finding like minded people to discuss books, music, gaming, fitness, sports, movies, etc.

  • Libraries - This category is for discussion around various useful React libraries like React Router, Redux, React Bootstrap, etc.

  • Tools - This category has 4 channels - #webpack, #gatsby, #typescript, and #next-js to hold discussions around these tools.

  • Reactiflux - This category is not about the community but about Reactiflux itself. This includes channels for moderation, suggestion, changelog, and a #thanks channel to say thanks to someone who helped you.

  • Archived - This category includes all the archived channels.

If you are a React developer or thinking to become one, the first thing you should do is join this community server.

4. Emberjs

This is the official discord server for Emberjs, a JavaScript framework. The community channels have lots of categories, I'll summarise the key ones in this article:

  • Discord Onboarding and Admin - These are 2 different categories for onboarding new members and admin tasks like announcements and ember jobs.

  • Community Chat - This is the main category of this Discord community and has a long list of channels for almost everything related to development. There are obviously a few ember-related channels like #ember-cli, #ember-data, #ember-engines, etc. Apart from that this category also holds channels for lots of development topics like auth, animation, backend, CSS, design, docker, forms, jamstack, typescript, testing, etc.

  • Working on Ember - This category is for developers who are working on Ember and has various channels for the same like - #dev-ember-cli, #dev-ember-js, #dev-ember-engines, etc.

  • Ember Addons - This is the discussion category around various addons to ember, like Ember Bootstrap, Ember Font Awesome, Ember Leaflet, Ember Redux, etc.

  • Ember Events - This category is for various conferences, fests, and other events related to Ember.

  • Off Topic - This is the fun community category with various off topic channels like music, games, career, tv-shows, books, career advice etc.

This is a great community for all the Ember developers out there and if you are an Ember developer, join it asap.

5. Vue Land

Similar to the last Ember community, Vue Land is the official Discord server of Vue.js with more than 100,000 members as of June 2022.

The community has 6 main categories:

  • Vue Land - This is the category for onboarding new members and for admin tasks like announcements.

  • Vue Community - This is the category for the community with various channels to share your projects, writings, jobs, events, etc.

  • Code Help - Are you stuck on a problem or having a hard time solving an issue? This is your place to get help with all the things related to Vue and code. This category has multiple channels for various topics. Ask questions on Vue, Vue Router, JavaScript, TypeScript, Backend, etc.

  • Discussions - This category includes various channels to discuss general Vue, best practices, and random things.

  • Tools - This category is for discussion around various tools and their implementation with Vue, like storybook, testing, eslint, vitepress, etc.

  • Languages - This category contains channels for various languages Chinese, Dutch, Hindi, French, German, Finnish, etc. Find your language, join the channel and start the discussion.

Again, join this Discord server if you are a Vue.js developer.

6. Kevin Powell Community

Many of you may know Kevin Powell from his YouTube channel with a lot of amazing content on CSS. He also has a Discord channel which is filled with the majority of Frontend developers.

There are 4 main categories in this community server:

  • Information - This category is all about welcoming new people, Kevin's YouTube feed, announcements, etc.

  • Community - The community category is for the members to have a general conversation, share memes, self promotion etc.

  • Dev Help - This category is for asking for help related to HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Accessibility, Backend, Linux, Feedback, and sharing resources and tips and tricks.

  • Design Help - This category is for people to get feedback on their UI/UX and ask questions about UI/UX in general.

These were the main categories in the server. Apart from them, there are also categories for voice chat, gaming, live stream, and archive channels.

If you are a frontend developer who enjoys building great UI and designs, you should join this community.


Here comes the end of our best Discord communities for Frontend Developers. I hope you would have found some great and interesting communities to join. I have shared both general Frontend communities and the ones focused on specific frameworks.

Find the ones relevant to you, join them, make friends and have fun. If you have any questions or want to connect with me, check out my Twitter and Blog.

Happy Coding!

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