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June 17, 2022

5 Best Full Stack Communities to Join in 2022

Every full stack developer looking for tips and learning material should know these online communities.


Ashutosh Mishra, React Developer and Content Writer

Becoming a Full Stack Developer is a great career option in 2022. However, the path is long and could be lonely.

So, here I am with a list of the 5 best Full Stack communities that will keep you accountable and help you learn together with other fellow developers. So without further ado, let's get started.

1. JavaScript Mastery

JavaScript Mastery by Adrian Hajdin is one of the best YouTube and Instagram creators on web development and has a great Discord community of more than 12,000 developers as of June 2022.

The community is divided into four main categories:

  • Welcome - The welcome category contains channels for announcements, rules, welcoming new members, etc.

  • Community - This is the fun community category with various channels to connect with other developers, talk about PC specifications, find your coding partner, and share your accomplishments with the community.

  • Ask for help - This category is to ask for help with your code-related problems. There are channels for HTML/CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS, Material UI, MERN, Web3, PHP, NodeJS, Firebase, and an #other channel.

  • Career Corner - The Career Corner category is to get help and guidance related to career questions. This includes the #projects and #portfolios channels to share your projects and portfolios and the #resumes and #interview-questions channel to share your resume and interesting interview questions.

2. Learn w/ Leon & Friends

Learn w/ Leon & Friends by Leon Noel is a great community server of developers. It's also the official server of his 100Devs Bootcamp where he takes people from zero experience to employable MERN stack developers.

The community is mainly divided into seven different categories:

  • Start Here - This is the category for introductions, welcoming new members, faq, etc.

  • Learn with Noel - This category contains announcements, follow along material, and Leon's live stream notifications.

  • Help - This includes channels for HTML/CSS help, JavaScript help, Node help, General code help (including voice channel), #new-need-help channel to ask questions about 100Devs, and #homework-help for 100Devs students.

  • Main Channels - This category is about asking questions to Leon, general chat, sharing resources, celebrations, mental health, self-promotion, etc.

  • Getting a Job - This includes a #career-advice channel, #resume-portfolio-review to have your resume and portfolio reviewed, and a #job-openings channel for the latest job openings.

  • Hangout - Hangout is all about anime, books, memes, pets, gaming, etc.

As of June 2022, the community already has more than 30,000 developers and if you are a full stack developer and want to connect with more amazing full-stack devs, join this community asap.

3. Commit your Code

Commit your Code by Danny Thompson is a developer community with more than 9,000 developers as of June 2022.

The categories of the Discord server are mainly divided into 3 categories:

  • Start Here - Just like all other servers, this category is all about introductions, welcoming new members, rules, news, etc.

  • Main Area - This is the main category of this server and although it won't have any channel for specific technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., it does have lots of useful channels for the community. This includes channels for general chat, coding questions, advanced level questions, resume feedback, data structure problems and solutions, programming tips, job listings, meetups, open source, DevOps, etc.

  • Non Dev Subjects - This category includes channels for anime, gaming, music, growing online, etc.

If you are a fullstack developer and want to network with other amazing fullstack developers, Commit your Code is your place.

4. Nodeiflux

Nodeiflux is the sister channel of Reactiflux, the largest chatroom for React developers. It's not a full stack community but focused more on Nodejs and backend but I am including this community in the list because most of the other communities are frontend + backend and having a community completely dedicated to Node.js and backend would balance the list.

There are many categories in this server, but the main two are #general and #community:

  • General - This category includes channels for general node talk, help node, help js, libraries, ops, general tech, etc.

  • Community - This category focuses more on the community part and has channels for career questions, code review, software reads, and tech reads.

If you are a Nodejs developer or want to become one, you should definitely check out this community.

5. SpeakJS

SpeakJS is a JavaScript community with more than 26,000 members as of June 2022. This community is the most complete of all the ones I previously mentioned.

There are 10 main categories on this server:

  • General - The general category is all about collaboration, code review, study groups, server feedback, jobs, and other general things.

  • Help - This category includes 3 different channels to ask for help.

  • Libraries and Frameworks - This category has a dedicated channel for all popular libraries and frameworks. It includes channels for React, Angular, Vue, Remix, Svelte, JQuery, Gatsby, Rxjs, and NextJS.

  • Runtimes - This includes channels for Node and Deno.

  • Mobile Apps - This category has 2 channels - one for mobile apps and the other for React Native.

  • Desktop Apps - It includes 3 channels - Desktop apps, Electron, and Nwjs.

  • 3D and Graphics - 3D and Graphics category includes channels for ThreeJS, p5.js, WebGL, and D3js.

  • Tools - Tools include channels for GraphQL, TypeScript, Bundlers, and Editors.

  • Other - The Other category includes channels like testing, DevOps, bot dev, game dev, CSS, databases, etc.

  • Offtopic - Offtopic includes gaming, tech, books, health and fitness, and photography.

Just by looking at the above categories, you get an idea of how diverse this community is. If you are a modern developer, there is no reason for you not to join this community.


The list of the 5 best Full Stack Discord Communities is over, and I hope you’ve found some great and amazing full stack communities to join and network with other developers.

If you have any questions or want to connect with me, check out my Twitter and my Blog.

Happy Coding!

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