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February 08, 2020


55 Best Frontend Blogs to Follow in 2020: Javascript, CSS, HTML, and more

To celebrate the diverse world of frontend, we created this (semi-) definitive list of frontend blogs!


Sasha Pliusnina, Talent Success Manager

We have been paying close attention to the blogs recommended by developers for a while now. So, to celebrate the diverse world of frontend, we created this (semi-) definitive list of frontend blogs! We’ve also tracked up-and-coming blogs since this article’s publication and added them to the list to make this the definitive 2020 guide to frontend blogs. Topics covered range from CSS and HTML to modern JavaScript MVC frameworks and User Experience.

Just as a side note, our list is in no particular order! We love them all!

General Frontend Web Development Blogs

1. Codrops

Codrops is a web design and development blog that publishes articles and tutorials about the latest web trends, techniques and new possibilities.

2. David Walsh

David is based in Wisconsin where he works as a senior web developer and an evangelist for Mozilla. He is interested in frontend technologies, including HTML/5, CSS, JavaScript, as well as frameworks like jQuery, Dojo Toolkit and MooTools (to which he is a core contributor).

3. Smashing Magazine

More than a blog, Smashing Magazine is an online platform and eBook publisher that covers professional resources for web developers and designers. Apart from its main editorial activities, Smashing Magazine organizes web design conferences in Europe and North America (Smashing Conference)

4. 2ality

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer is a Munich-based web developer, who writes about JavaScript, mobile computing. Rauschmayer writes in detail about the foundations and evolution of the JavaScript, in particular current and future versions of ECMAScript. He organizes the MunichJS user group and wrote the O’Reilly book “Speaking JavaScript”.

5. qFox

Peter van der Zee is frontend developer from Netherlands. He specializes in JavaScript / ECMASCript, parsers, and low level JS performance.

6. Flows of Energy 

Berlin-based Marijn Haverbeke is an independent developer and author. He spends most of his time working on open source software, such as the CodeMirror editor and the Tern type inference engine. He recently won the JS1K—JavaScript demo in 1024 bytes—contest, and is the author of a wide range of open-source software.

7. The Haystack

Stephen Hay is a Californian web developer living in the Netherlands. Stephen is a popular speaker on the subjects of CSS, web accessibility, (web)design and open web standards, and has published several articles on these subjects, as well as a book on web design workflow.

8. John Papa

Papa is a Google Developer Expert and Microsoft Regional Director. He also creates courses for Pluralsight. He is a an active speaker at conferences and events, specializes in professional application development with technologies including Windows, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Silverlight, WPF, C#, .NET and SQL Server.

10. James Long

Long is a web developer at Mozilla, working on Firefox Developer Tools. One of his many projects is a fork of LLJS that compiles to asm.js. He is interested in new JavaScript frameworks, node.js and iOS development.

11. SpeckyBoy

Founded by a coalition of front end designers in 2007, SpeckyBoy has accumulated a big following on social media as a hub for design-minded front-end developers.

12. Webapplog

Azat Mardan works as a Technology Fellow at Capital One Financial Corporation and has over 14 years of experience in web, mobile, and software development. He writes about Node.js, MongoDB, Express,js and JavaScript and about startups generally. He also has a series of tutorials on these topics.

13. NCZ Online

Nicholas C. Zakas was the frontend tech lead for the Yahoo homepage. He is the author of many books, including Maintainable JavaScript, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers and High Performance JavaScript. Active speaker at conferences, hosts many open-source projects.

14. Brad Frost

Brad Frost is a web designer, speaker, consultant, musician, and artist from the USA. He writes about atomic design, responsive web design, style guides, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, UX and Wordpress. He also helped create some tools and resources for web designers, including This Is Responsive and WTF Mobile Web.

15. A list apart

Popular blog with a huge list of contributors, that explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices

16. Dan Denney

Dan is a frontend developer at Code School (Pluralsight), as Dan puts it: his primary role is writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build things for the web.

17. Peter Kroener

Peter Kröner is a trainer and frontend expert from Berlin. He is researching and writing about Web-future technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Contributes to the Working Draft podcasts. Peter is an active speaker at conferences. Blog is in German.

18. Snook

Jonathan Snook is a freelance web designer, developer, writer and speaker. Before going freelance, he worked at Yahoo!, was a Lead frontend Developer at Shopify and later UX Architect at Xero.

19. Tutorialzine

Tutorialzine, as you might have guessed, provides simple tutorials on CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, and other areas.

20. Position Absolute

Cedric Dugas is a development manager, javascripter, mobile web app advocate. He builds products and iterates in a “never ending quest for perfection”. Specializes in product management, UX & handling web apps frontend stack.

21. Impressive Webs

Louis Lazaris is a freelance web developer from Canada. He is an author of two books on HTML/CSS. His blog covers topics on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript related concepts, principles, and bugs.

22. Ponyfoo

Nicolás Bevacqua in a Senior UI engineer from Argentina. Ponyfoo is a tech-blog, where he shares his thoughts on JavaScript and the web. Nico likes writing, public speaking and is an open-source advocate.

23. Developer Drive

Blog, which covers latest trends, tutorials, opinion articles on the web development. Contributors include experienced web-designers, content marketers, web developers and startup founders.

24. Jster

Catalog of frontend JavaScript libraries, which also has a blog and a monthly newsletter.

25. Working Draft

Weekly news podcast for web-designer and web developers (In German).

26. Scotch

Web development blog with many tutorials, discussing all things programming, development, web and life.

27. Frontend Happy hour

A podcast featuring panelists of engineers from Netflix, Evernote & LinkedIn talking over drinks about all things frontend development.

28. Superhero.js

A Javascript-focused blog that collects talks, interviews, and articles on a variety of topics for a comprehensive knowledgebase on what does (and doesn’t) work in JavaScript.

Ember.js Blogs

1. EmberJS blog

Official Ember.js blog.

2. All about Ember.js

Balint Erdi is a Hungarian web developer, Ember.js consultant, author of Rock and Roll with Ember.js

3. Evil Trout

Robin Ward is a web developer from Toronto, co-founder of Discourse, the open source forum software written in Ember.js and Ruby on Rails. He has a several screencasts and writes mainly about his tech-challenges at Discourse.

4. Yoember

Free Ember.js tutorials for beginners and advanced developer.

5. Ember weekly

The weekly Ember.js newsletter with latest tips and code.

6. Program with Erik

Erik Hanchett is a software engineer from Nevada. He writes about software development, with a focus on JavaScript, Ember.js and Node.js.

Angular.js Blogs

1. Todd Motto

Todd is a Developer Advocate @Telerik. He created the Angular 2 migration guide and is the founder of Voux, an AngularJS and JavaScript training consultancy. He writes about JavaScript, Angular, React and is an active conference speaker. He is also a Google Developer Expert.

2. Deborah’s Developer MindScape

Deborah Kurata is an independent software consultant specializing in the development of successful Web (AngularJS) and Windows (.NET) applications.

3. Christian Ludeman

A Danish software consultant and full-stack developer, Christian provides incisive insights into Angular development and implementation.

4. Angular In-Depth

Founded by Angular developer Maxim Koretskyi, this blog has become the go-to destination for tips and tricks from a wide range of experts on a variety of related topics, including WebPack, FireBase, TypeScript, and more.

React.js Blogs

1. Facebook React blog

Official React blog.

2. Overreacted

Founded by Dan Abramov, one of the cofounders of Redux, this blog shares advice from him on React implementation, along with tips and tricks on a number of related topics.

jQuery Blogs

1. Bassistance

JörnZaefferer is a freelance web developer, consultant and trainer, living in Köln, Germany. He has been involved in the jQuery project since the beginning in 2006, and helped found the jQuery Foundation, serving on the board of directors till early 2015. He is a development lead of jQuery UI.

2. jQuery blog

Official jQuery blog.

CSS Blogs

1. CSS Karma

Though not as frequently updated as it once was, CSS Karma is still packed with interesting perspectives on CSS, JavaScript and the world of frontend.

2. CSS Wizardy

Harry Roberts is an award-winning Consultant frontend Architect, designer, developer, writer and speaker from the UK. He writes, tweets, speaks and shares code about authoring and scaling CSS for big websites.

3. CSS Weekly

Weekly email roundup of CSS articles, tutorials, experiments and tools curated by Zoran Jambor, a passionate frontend developer from Croatia.

4. Lea Verou

Lea is a frontend developer from Greece, who is currently a Research Assistant at MIT CSAIL, participates in David Karger’s Haystack group and is an Invited Expert in the W3C CSS Working Group. She has a book on advanced CSS for O’Reilly, worked for W3C/MIT, gave over 60 invited talks around the world, released several open source projects and many other things.

5. CSS tricks

Blog primarily focused on CSS, but also includes all things about web design and development.

HTML Blogs

1. Christian Heilmann

Christian is a developer evangelist living and working in London for Mozilla. He talks and writes about HTML5, open-source and future of tech.

2. Ian Devlin

Ian Devlin is an Irish web and app developer, who currently works as a frontend engineer for trivago in Germany. His areas of interest includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, Grunt, and PHP. Passionate about web standards, semantic HTML, web accessibility, he published a book titled HTML5 Multimedia: Develop and Design. In 2013 Ian became one of the founding contributors to Intel’s HTML5 Hub.

UX/UI Blogs

1. Ben Nadel

Ben Nadel is the co-founder and lead engineer at InVision App, Inc, a company that is at the forefront of the design and user-experience (UX) revolution. Honeypot’s tech team is actively using InVision. On his blog he writes about User Experience (UX) Design, JavaScript, ColdFusion and Node.js.

2. Boag world

Paul Boag is a user experience consultant and expert in digital transformation. He helps (mainly) not-for-profits use the web, social media and mobile to engage users. He has written four books on various aspects of User Experience design and speaks on User Experience and digital transformation all around the world.

3. Andy Budd

Andy Budd is a User Experience Designer and CEO of Clearleft, Andy is the author of CSS Mastery, curates the dConstruct and UX London events and is responsible for Silverbackapp, a low cost usability testing application for the Mac. Andy is a regular speaker at international conferences and was named one of the 100 most influential people in the UK digital sector by Wired Magazine.

4. Ashley Nolan

Ashley Nolan is a Senior UI Engineer working at JUST EAT. He writes about architecting large scale frontends and new frontend technologies.

5. Code Visually

Design blog, directory or library of tools and solutions. Variety of topics includes CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, frameworks, browser extensions, web apps and tools, CMS templates (the barebone and framework variety), CMSes and wireframing tools.

6. Six Revisions

Six Revisions is a more of a web publication than a blog, but it’s still worthy of this list for the great web development and design articles, guides, tutorials, news the small team pumps out.

7. Luke W

Luke’s 15 years of writing cover Web and device strategy, interaction design, visual design, usability, and much more.