30 min. 24 sec.


Nov. 30, 2021


INVESTORS: A Master Class

A unique master class in which we explore the people and money behind some of Europe’s tech unicorns such as Spotify and Zalando. We ask these successful investors and founders questions like: What makes a billion dollar idea? When is the right time to raise Venture Capital? What makes a great founding team? How to talk to a VC? What does a great pitch deck look like? What does the future of the tech industry look like? You’ll hear from the following investors and founders: Emma Tracey – Co-Founder & Ex CEO of Honeypot and Angel Investor Claude Ritter – Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Cavalry Filip Dames and Christian Meerman – Founding Partners at Cherry Ventures Jonathan Becker – Partner at Headline Staffan Helgesson and Simon Schmincke – General Partners at Creandum Johan van Mil – Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Peak