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September 13, 2022

The Best Programming Conferences in Spain

Spain, a country used to gathering visitors by the millions, will be receiving flocks of programmers looking to network. You could be one of them!


Luis Minvielle, Freelance Writer and Editor

If you’re looking for reasons to visit Spain for the remainder of 2022 or even 2023, you’ll be happy to learn that the Iberian country is loaded with amazing programming conferences. For coding enthusiasts, staying up to date with the latest tech developments is essential, especially for software engineers and data scientists aiming at high-paying programming jobs across Europe. A quick and enjoyable way to avoid staying behind, while getting valuable insights into the Spanish developer market is to attend conferences around new tech and upcoming trends. These events have a unique and constructive pedagogical approach. They offer deep, effective courses with laid-back moments where participants can get to know each other, mingle with like-minded peers, and network. Since Spaniards are known for their friendly, nonchalant behaviour, developer conferences in Spain seem all the more enticing.

Technology, video games, and software development are fields with millions of followers worldwide. Hundreds of technology conventions and fairs are held worldwide to bring together people sharing the same interests and promote innovation. After two years of virtual Zoom conventions being the norm, tech conferences are steadily coming back to an in-person format. If you’re a tech enthusiast, then you’re probably itching to be once again part of the hustle and bustle of such events. So, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to the best programming and tech conferences that will take place in the coming months in Spain. Choose wisely the events that best suit your interests.

1. PyConES 2022, Granada

PyCon — the most significant event for the Python programming language — organises annual conferences worldwide. This year, Spain’s PyCon will be held in the historic city of Granada. Python is exponentially growing in use: according to Forbes magazine, it grew more than five-fold in 2018, and GitHub reported that it’s the second most-used programming language in 2022. 

As demand surges, data suggests there still aren't enough coders, and job demand is high and unmet. Over time, Python has gained popularity thanks to its simplicity and extensive possibilities, since it makes it easier to work with artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and data science, among many other booming fields. Managing and using Python adequately will make you a better, more desirable candidate to virtually any employer, thus making PyConES — a great conference that can provide a solid basis for disseminating new development tools, system deployment, big data, scientific computing, and parallel computing. PyConES will kick off on September 30 and conclude on October 2.

Tip: This conference is a great choice if you’re a data scientist looking for tech conferences to attend this year. 

2. DevOps Barcelona 

DevOps conferences provide the latest techniques, strategies, and leadership philosophies  — desirable traits for any candidate looking for great job opportunities — making DevOps Barcelona a fantastic choice if you're looking to become a more well-rounded and versatile professional. 

Additionally, the fact that the event takes place in Barcelona poses an exciting advantage: not only is Barcelona the most active startup hub in Spain, but it has also consistently held the title of the fifth-biggest European startup hub on EU-Startups' ranking for the past four years, and is also an emerging European centre for entrepreneurship and innovation. DevOps leaders will come together to discuss strategies to foster communication and collaboration to boost startups and large organisations. If you want to take advantage of the city’s potential, consider Barcelona DevOps 2022’s conference, which will take place over the course of two days, from November 3 to 4, at the Axa auditori.

3. Global Software Architecture Summit, Barcelona 

Also taking place in Barcelona, this year’s Global Software Architecture Summit promises to amass an impressive line-up of software professionals at a two-day event that aims to connect the world’s leaders in software architecture. The event will feature lectures and workshops led by pioneers in the fields of innovation, software, and practical solutions. This year’s event will draw its focus on software architecture metrics, as they are “key to the maintainability and architectural quality of a software project.” The conference takes place between October 3rd and 4th, at the Barcelona International Convention Centre.

4. Madrid Tech Show

The Madrid Tech Show, scheduled for October, will bring together six major tech conferences: Cloud Expo Europe, Cyber Security World, Data Centre World, Technology for Marketing, and E-Show Madrid in one single two-day event. This massive conference promises to gather the most prominent and up-and-coming professionals in tech, thus offering colossal networking opportunities. More specifically, at the Madrid Tech Show you’ll be able to connect with more than 8,000 stakeholders, attend conferences with leading speakers and discover insights and strategies of the more than 250 exhibiting companies and market leaders. The Madrid Tech Show takes place from October 26th to the 27th.

5. Tarugoconf, Madrid

This year, Tarugoconf will be back in complete form with conferences and workshops focused on designing, building, and commercialising digital products and services. Since its inaugural event in 2016, the conference has hosted leaders from the software and tech innovation sectors, such as coders, marketers, designers, and recruiters, providing many opportunities for networking. What sets Tarugoconf apart from other programming conferences is the more familiar (and pedagogic) approach it takes with its visitors.

The event is purposefully laid-back, to foster networking opportunities, collaborative approaches to projects, and unique learning experiences. In line with this aim, a portion of the conference is dedicated to sharing it with family and friends, even though it’s primarily a tech and entrepreneurial event. Tarugoconf lasts three days, from October 20 to October 22. Don’t miss out and become a Tarugo for a few days.

6. NFT Show Europe, Valencia

Held in Valencia on September, NFT Show Europe is a venue for the European blockchain and NFT community. The conference includes a big number of interactive events, seminars, and meetings related to digital art, NFTs, and blockchain technologies. The event will be held at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, where it will still feel like summer around the end of September. Developers can benefit from the NFT Show Europe due to its international conventions, shows of digital art, opportunities to network, presentations on blockchain technology, and travel opportunities. Blockchain professionals, investors, NFT artists, illustrators, early adopters, educational institutions, art collectors, and fans of digital artworks are among its target demographic. It would be a good way to see if the world of Blockchain and NFTs is your kind of thing. The conference takes place between September 17th and 18th. 

7. J on the Beach, Málaga

In Málaga, the beach is more than just waves, sand, and fizzy ice-cold drinks, it’s also about Big Data. When it comes to Big Data technology, J On The Beach (JOTB) is the summer's top spot for developers and DevOps worldwide to meet and mingle. JOTB is a pure technical conference with workshops, a hackathon, and technical sessions by industry leaders that will cover the most cutting-edge developments in Big Data technology. Participants will get exposure to almost everything: From collecting data to processing it in real-time, designing and implementing entire systems, and deploying and managing microservices and containers; it's all on J On the Beach. The main topics are: Distributed systems, DevOps and architectures, big data in the business, AI programming languages, and IOT, among others. In 2022 the event took place in April, the date for the 2023 edition is yet to be released!

8. DrupalCamp, Zaragoza

Drupal — the CMS platform for building flexible, dynamic, and robust websites — has its own conference called DrupalCamp, and it is held in Zaragoza every June. Drupal, a system that makes it easy to create and administer websites, is open source, meaning it's free to use and requires no special permission. History tells us that open source software thrives thanks to its community. DrupalCamp usually takes place in early June, and it stands out from the rest of the conferences for hosting a special forum called ‘Business Day’. Business Day is more than just a forum for discussing how developers can use Drupal to help companies accomplish their objectives: it's also an opportunity to network with others who share your passion and enthusiasm for the platform. This year, for example, the discussion focused on the "recurring issues and potential fixes" within the Drupal ecosystem. Stay tuned to their socials to get the exact 2023 date!

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