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May 11, 2020


Join the Cult

.cult by Honeypot launches today! .cult is Honeypot’s media platform, featuring high-quality editorial output, focused on untold developer stories.


Emma Tracey, Co-founder

We explore developer careers, leadership, and lifestyle through articles, videos, podcasts and events. It's the result of a lot of blood, sweat and tears of our Community team and an important step on the path to becoming the world’s largest work-life community for technical people. 

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Who is .cult for? 

.cult is for developers. We focus on topics that are relevant for developers at every part of their career, from your first line of code as a hobbyist to your last line of code as a CTO.  

Kevin Goldsmith speaking at HiveConf 2019

Why did we create .cult? 

To tell untold developer stories

.cult by Honeypot is about the softer side of software development. You won’t catch us going into deep technical details, other platforms do that way better than us. Instead, we want to dig into the stories behind the programming languages. We want to share experiences from developer to developer about everything from imposter syndrome and mental health to collaboration and career progression. 

jose josiah

To promote open source  

We have a strong respect for anyone who commits their time to the creation of open source and it's something we aim to celebrate and promote. Let’s take the example of the star of our most recent documentary, Evan You. Evan built Vue.js during his free time and open sourced it so everyone could benefit from it, which is admirable and almost unimaginable in other industries. People like Evan You, Jose Valim, Max Stoiber, Dan Schafer, Lee Byron, Nick Schrock, Yehuda Katz and all the other stars of our Honeypot.Originals give so much, not only to the developer community but all of us. 


To connect online and offline experiences 

Julian - Community Manager

Honeypot has been running events since the company started. Our largest, and most well-known event, is GraphQL Conf, which we run in partnership with Prisma. We also run HiveConf, which connects Tech leaders and HR, and a series of meetups across Amsterdam, Berlin and other cities. Our most recent addition is Stammtisch, a casual get together. In these events and gatherings, we want to connect our online contributors with audiences offline to build strong connections and friendships. 

To build the world’s largest work-life community for tech people

This line above is our company vision. That’s a ballsy vision but Honeypot.cult is our first humble step in that direction. 

Why the name .cult?

We feel the word “community” is sometimes a bit overused.   And no cult ever calls themselves a cult, right? Ok fine. We are a cult. 

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What’s next? 


We’re driven by an unwavering passion for engaging content and a long-lasting dislike for clickbaity fluff. We see a lot more value in telling genuine stories than in pedalling stories that sell. We will continue to release untold developer stories, highlight open source in our originals, work with contributors and, once Corona has passed, meet everyone in person. 


Our community team are not engineers and we’re fully aware of that, but we are storytellers and we do care about developers. Ultimately, we can’t possibly compete with some of the big players out there when it comes to creating technical content but what we can do is shed a different kind of light on software development, humanizing developers and inspiring wannabe techies and turn our contributors into movie stars, respected authors and speakers in the process. So go and check it out. We hope you like it. 

- Stefan, Head of Community and Emma, CEO and Co-Founder