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November 02, 2020

NEW PODCAST: Earth to Abigail's Live Coding Radio

Introducing Earth to Abigail's Live Coding Rado Podcast.

Earth to Abigail

Earth to Abigail

The term ‘live coding’ is exactly what you’d imagine: you stream your desktop to the world while you code in real-time – think of those gaming YouTube channels you’ve probably stumbled upon, and apply it to programming.

In 2016, Mynah Marie of Earth to Abigail began her coding journey. She combines her love for programming with music, which she shares through live coding, whether online, or at events. Nowadays, she gives live coding workshops, and built the first live coding community in Israel.

In her words, live coding has become a new direction in electronic music and video; it works across musical genres and has been seen in concert halls, late-night jazz bars and algoraves.

Now, she’s released Live Coding Radio, a podcast dedicated to live coding, live coders and algorithmic music. In this series, Mynah, with her guests, discusses the life of a live coder, the creative process, and tells stories from live coding experiences.

Curious? Check them out below!

Links to podcasts

  1. Shelly Knotts - experiments with generative and AI techniques, and opinionated algorithms to make music. 

  2. Celeste Betancur - is studying a Masters in digital arts and her research includes “Code and programming didactics”.

  3. Kofi Oduro - Through videography, poetry and creative coding, Kofi tries to highlight the realms of the human performance and the human mind in different scenarios.

  4. Gabriel Vernazza - He initiated the first live-coding community in Argentina and is part of many local initiatives related to sound-art, chiptune, demoscene and more.

  5. Jessica Rodriguez - Her work focuses on audiovisual practices including live coding to produce a language for live visual music.