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November 15, 2020

Why Developer Happiness Matters | Infographic

Better engagement, higher levels of productivity and better code quality are all good reasons for prioritising developer happiness. And there's plenty more where that came from.


Hayley Kuhl, Content Writer

In 1971, Gerald M. Weinberg, put forward a controversial idea: we should look at programming as a human activity, not just a mathematical, scientific, or technological one. His book, The Psychology of Computer Programming, pushed organisations to look at software through a humanistic lens, not just a technological one.

And he was right to look at developers’ emotions and relationships. Happiness shapes job market outcomesproductivity, and even firm performance. Thanks to a growing body of research looking specifically at developer happiness, we know today that happy software developers are more productive, write better code and make better decisions.

We recently released our first Developer Happiness Index, where we explore the factors that contribute to a developer's overall sense of happiness and how it can be improved.

Here's an infographic presenting some of the most interesting findings of the report.

Developer Happiness Index: Infographic