70 min. 39 sec.


October 29, 2020

earth to abigail

#04 - Earth to Abigail: Gabriel Vinazza

earth to abigail
episode 01

About Gabriel

Gabriel Vinazza is a creative coder, musician and Philosophy professor. All these aspects give his work a particular interdisciplinary approach. As a digital artist, he started making little games and aesthetic programs on his 80’s Commodore 64 since he was ten years old. Later he began making music with different computers while studying piano, choir and cello at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory in Buenos Aires. 

He initiated the first live-coding community in Argentina and he’s part of many local initiatives related to sound-art, chiptune, demoscene and more.


To hear more music, follow Gabriel on his YouTube channel


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gabovinazza/