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Feb. 07, 2024

Node.js: The Documentary [OFFICIAL TRAILER]PLAY

Node.js: The Documentary [OFFICIAL TRAILER]

Back in the 2000s, websites looked quite different. They were less dynamic, didn’t permit much interaction, and JavaScript was only used on a small scale. But that didn’t prevent some people from seeing its true potential. Cue developer Ryan Dahl having an epiphany that went a little bit like: “Oh shit, JavaScript. JAVASCRIPT!" Now, over 6 million websites use Node.js behind the scenes. Here’s the story of how it all started from the people who were there, including Ryan Dahl, Isaac Schlueter and Mikeal Rogers. Get ready for the global premiere in March, here on YouTube, where we'll tell you the origin story of Node, how it got corporate sponsorship and of course… THE FORK.