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The Ultimate Guide to Acing Your Next Video Interview

Jul. 2nd, 2020, Thursday16:00
Lucky you, it's online

Thinking back a few years, video calling a candidate for an interview was a rarity and was saved for more extreme circumstances. Now in 2020, this is where tech-recruiting is headed, and you need to be prepared and comfortable with this updated Interview process.

So if you’re a bit wary about this change or need a quick refresher on best practices, this webinar is for you! No more awkward pauses, bad angles or ‘what-do-I-say-next?’ moments!

In our new webinar, we’ll share how you can carefully prepare with a few tips and tricks to ace your next remote interview and leave feeling confident about your methods — while expertly avoiding all those pesky hiccups which get thrown your way.


Yagmur Aslan – (LinkedIn)

Yagmur is a Talent Success Advisor at Honeypot and enjoys taking developers one step further on their job searching journey. She is passionate about human resources, exploring new places and photography.

Casandra Amores – (LinkedIn)

Casandra is a Senior Recruiter at Honeypot. She keeps a very close relationship with both candidates and internal stakeholders in order to fill up Senior level roles at Honeypot. She also improves the hiring processes, candidate experience and employer branding. In her free time, she enjoys trekking the mountains and having nice dinners with her friends!

See you there!


Day 1 - Jul. 2nd, 2020, Thursday

4:00 pm: Introduction

4:05 pm: Presentation

  • Set up & Preparation before a remote interview

  • Body language

  • How to engage

  • Answering and asking questions efficiently

4:30pm: Q&A