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Gather, share, cheers

Stammtisch Berlin #01

Dec. 7th, 2019, Saturday19:00
Honeypot GmbH, Berlin

Listen up devs! It’s been a long time coming, but we want to take some time to just eat, drink and hang out. No tech talks, no films to watch - just some good, old fashioned shooting the breeze and chillin’. This is what the Honeypot Stammtisch is all about. Wikipedia defines a Stammtisch as a “friendly get-together”. That probably sums it up best. We want to invite you to our very first one, taking place here in Berlin. We can’t seem to say it enough but there will be food and drinks, and there will also be an opportunity to design your own Bearpot. The crowd favourite will be turned into your very own batch of Bearpot stickers - perfect for your laptop and the laptops of those you hold nearest and dearest. Doors open at 7pm. Just show up, bring a +1 if you like, and prepare to have a really good time! See you there!