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Ember.js: The Documentary Release Party

Feb. 11th, 2019, Monday17:30
Honeypot GmbH, Berlin

Following the Exclusive Premiere of “Ember.js: The Documentary” (trailer) in Amsterdam, we’ll be throwing a cozy Release Party in our Berlin offices on February 11th to celebrate the documentary’s official release in presence of Ember.js Berlin co-organizer and Learning Core member Jessica Jordan!

As well as the chance to watch the documentary, coming to the Release Party gives you the opportunity to attend a talk from one of the most influential figures in the European Ember.js community and drink the night away with other Ember.js enthusiasts! 🤪


18.30 - 19.00: Doors open + drinks & snacks! 19.00 - 19.30: Jessica Jordan: Everything They Didn't Tell You About the Ember Community (+Q&A) 19.30 - 19.45: Intro from documentary makers Honeypot 19.45 - 20.15: Screening of Ember.js: The Documentary 20.15 - 22.00: Networking, mingling, drinking and partying.

Abstract of Jessica's talk:

The Ember community describes a worldwide subculture consisting of developers, contributors, bloggers, event organizers, podcasters and many others involved in activities around the framework. But which factors drive this complex community in its efforts?

After a retrospective of open-source activity in the ecosystem, we’ll see which core resources and addons are particularly popular and which topics are particularly interesting to the community. Summing up these findings, we’ll finally try to answer how diversity and growth of this community can be furthered even more in the future.


More about the Documentary:

Starring Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale (co-creators of Ember.js) and many other big names from the Ember community, "Ember.js: The Documentary" explores why and how Ember.js came to be and the life-altering decisions that go into making open-source software. "Ember.js: The Documentary" was filmed over the span of 2 months from October to December 2018 in Portland, Amsterdam, Dublin and Munich with the help and support of the Ember.js community.